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Taking all your vision needs into consideration, our Westwood Highlands optometrist, Edward Soss, OD, offers quite a large selection of eyeglass frames that can be fitted for your entire family. Our customers who choose to wear eyeglasses over contacts, can get the majority of their vision problems corrected by the specific lens, including astigmatism, double vision, and blurred vision. From children to seniors, eye needs vary and change, and our specialists keep current on all modern vision advancements and can make the appropriate adjustments. If you’re a parent and searching for just the right pair of glasses for your child, you will see plenty of frames and we will do our best to help you choose just the right one. Because there are so many eyeglass choices for the entire family, our educated staff will listen closely to you, and help you choose the eyeglasses to best suit the lifestyle and needs of you and your family.

94112 Designer Eyewear

94112 Designer Eyewear

When you find out that your eyeglass prescription has changed, it is ultimately up to you to choose what works best when it comes to pairing your new lenses with the latest frame styles. The key is taking the time to understand what your specific lifestyle demands are, as well as the shape of your face and even skin tone. For instance, someone who is particularly trendy, may prefer designer frames because they add a certain sense of style to your overall appearance. Our Westwood Highlands optometrist makes sure our optical gallery is well-stocked with classic frames as well as cutting-edge styles to serve all tastes. For so many of us, eyeglasses are an accessory we wear every day which means we not only want them to fit comfortably, but be durable enough to endure our daily schedules.

Designer frames are in extremely high-demand at our optical goods store! With designer frames for men, women, and children on our shelves, we make sure to offer a wide variety of styles from frameless to retro to ultra-sleek. When you come to our store, our Westwood Highlands optometrist works with you so you not only get the proper lenses but the frame style that best suits you. Whether you’re looking for glasses that feature designer logos, frame embellishments, or a more masculine, stream-lined design, you’re guaranteed to find something for every member of the family here.

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