West Portal Eye Doctor

West Portal Eye Doctor

Few matters are of greater importance to a parent than the health of their child. In their youngest years parents are constantly observing around the clock to make sure their newest addition to their family unit is always healthy and happy, making sure to book regular appointments with their local medical doctor for check-ups and vaccinations as recommended, but often other areas of pediatric health are overlooked. Your child’s good health is much more than healthy weight and diet, it also depends on the health of their eyes too. But when is the right age to bring your child in for their first eye exam? And what exactly can pediatric eye care do for you and your child? Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff at your local West Portal eye doctor of Dr. Edward Soss, OD can answer all of your questions to insure your youngest one sees clearly for a lifetime.

Children's Eye Care West Portal

Children’s Eye Care West Portal

Optical care is vital at every age of our lives, from infancy to adulthood, and continuing on as we age. Childhood optical care can work to give your child the edge they need to succeed in schooling, and in some cases can even save your son or daughter from suffering permanent loss of vision. For the prevention of sight loss due to illness and disease, your professional West Portal eye doctor recommends pediatric optical exams as early as six months of age. Even though your child’s eyes are only beginning to grow, out team of experts can spot key marker and optical signifiers that can tell us how your child’s sight will continue to develop, and whether or not we need to act now, or plan for the future. A pediatric eye exam can diagnose common vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, test for glaucoma which can occur in children, and even identify amblyopia or lazy eye in its earliest stages when treatment is most responsive.

With a pediatric eye exam parents can get the peace of mind they deserve in knowing that their child’s sight is as healthy and clear as it appears to be. Optical conditions develop in most cases without showing any symptoms until children are as old as 10 years of age. By diagnosing vision problems as soon as possible you save your child from being hampered by poor eye sight in the classroom and work to insure that your child has everything they need to succeed. You can find the personal and professional care you can rely on for a comprehensive pediatric eye exam from the offices of Dr. Edward Soss, OD. Dr. Soss has been proudly serving his community as your trusted West Portal eye doctor for 42 years in keeping eyes healthy for clear vision.

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