Vision Test in San Francisco

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Vision test in San Francisco

Vision test in San Francisco

Why is it important to have an eye exam and vision test with Dr. Soss every year? Because your eyes change all the time, and from one year to the next, your vision needs may become different. In addition, common eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts, can occur in anyone at any age and they aren’t marked by symptoms in their early stages. That’s why an eye exam and our vision test in San Francisco are an essential part of your ongoing eye health.

A vision test is designed to gauge your entire field of vision- up close, at a distance, and your peripheral (or side to side) vision. As part of this evaluation, you will be asked to read from an eye chart, first with one eye, then the other, and finally both together. If you’re currently wearing eyeglasses or contacts, you’ll also be tested while wearing them. To determine if you need corrective lenses or if your existing prescription is up to date, a refraction test is done. A visual field test is used for gauging your side to side visual ability as part of our vision test in San Francisco. If you need a new or updated pair of eyeglasses, you can choose from an impressive selection of designer frames. If you decide on contact lenses, you will have options that include rigid or soft lenses and then for soft lenses, you have daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color changing from which to pick.

We are also committed to helping you to prevent eye diseases if we can, and to detect and treat them early when prevention is not possible. A yearly checkup along with our vision test in San Francisco will give you the best chances of keeping eye diseases from harming you. And an eye exam can even be beneficial beyond your eyes. The blood vessels in your eyes can offer valuable clues to what’s going on elsewhere in your body. They may indicate the presence of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. That’s a bonus reason to call us right now and schedule your yearly eye exam and vision test.

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