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Have you ever been outside and have to cover your eyes with your hands to shield it from the sun? Are you looking for a trendy way to see outdoors, without looking old-fashioned with clip-on sunglasses? Prescription sunglasses are a good option when looking to protect your eyes when you are outdoors. Our Sunset District opticians can help you choose a style and shape that complements your face, while providing superior UV protection.

Designer Sunglasses Sunset District

Designer Sunglasses Sunset District

Why choose prescription sunglasses over regular sunglasses? If you have prescription eyewear that helps correct your eyesight, and allows you to see things more clearly, then prescription sunglasses can give you the same visibility outdoors. At our eyeglass store, our Sunset District opticians can help you pick from our many stylish and affordable options, as well as customizing these frames with specific lenses that meet your visual needs.

Prescription sunglasses are your best option when it comes to sunglasses. Why buy regular sunglasses that are not going to help improve your eyesight? Prescription sunglasses are going to be your best option for fashionable sunglasses outdoors. Once you purchase prescription sunglasses, you will never regret it. Prescription sunglasses are the best of both worlds. You can have the protection of what your regular eyeglasses covers, as well as protection from the sun and its UV rays. These rays can be dangerous when it shines in your eyes. What better way to protect your eyes than with prescription sunglasses? They are a more stylish option than clip-on sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses allow you to look trendy but still be able to see clearly.

Prescription sunglasses can be worn outside when you’re reading a book by the pool, or outside on your deck reading your favorite book. Dr. Edward Soss has the best options for prescription sunglasses at an affordable price. Before purchasing a pair of eyewear, our Sunset District opticians will carefully explain all of the options that you have for the best prescription sunglasses that fit your style and budget. Call today to schedule an appointment at (415) 742-8434.

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