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If you need corrective eyewear, you have 2 options, either eyeglasses or contact lenses. As long as you are a candidate for contact lenses (today, most people are), you will need to choose based on your own personal preference and lifestyle. When you come to our Sunset District optical store, Edward Soss, OD, our expert optometrist and the rest of our professional team will assist you in choosing the right corrective eyewear for you.

Optometrist 94112

Optometrist 94112

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons. Contact lenses are great for those who do not like the appearance of glasses. However, they require you to place something in your eye. If you’re uncomfortable placing something in your eye and have difficulty with inserting and removing them, glasses would be a better option for you. When you wear contact lenses, they need to be properly maintained and cleaned, if they aren’t, you would be susceptible to infections and other eye problems. Therefore, if you’re the type of person who likes this daily task or if you have a busy lifestyle that prevents you from properly maintaining them, eyeglasses would better for you. Eyeglasses are great because you don’t have to insert anything into your eyes. Also, cleaning is minimal compared to contact lenses. You simply would rinse them and use a special non scratch cloth to wipe them off. They won’t cause an infection like contacts because they are external corrective eyewear.

Some disadvantages to getting eyeglasses are that you have to carry them with you and they can be lost. However, there are accessories that can solve that problem. They can also get foggy due to certain weather conditions and may need to be wiped off if dust gets on them. Also, some people don’t like to wear them due to appearance. Fortunately, for those who are concerned about their appearance, there are many designer eyeglass frames on the market today that are considered to be very fashionable. Our Sunset District optical store, Edward Soss, OD has a wide variety of high quality corrective eyewear available so you will be sure to find the right fit for you. If you choose to get contact lenses, we will assist you in choosing the right type based on your vision and comfort. If you prefer eyeglasses, we offer a large selection of both designer and vintage frames. Our frame specialists will assist you in selecting the frames that match your personality and lifestyle.

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