San Francisco transition lenses

San Francisco Transition Lenses

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Transition lenses in San Francisco

Why box ourselves into the “one or the other” mentality? After all, sometimes the circumstance decides that you need a little bit of both. And when it comes to your vision, this principle applies. When you’re constantly on the go, sometimes you need lenses that can handle the…transition between indoor and outdoor. In which case, don’t hesitate (not even for a second) to reach out to Edward Soss. And get first-rate San Francisco transition lenses.

See how that word transition is italicized? It was a bit of a pun—since the lenses that are best suited for the job are known as “transition lenses”. So you might be wondering what exactly they do. We’re getting to that part. So far starters, these lenses instantly change into a dark, ultraviolet blocking shade. So you can walk through the sweltering summer streets with your vision still intact, and no bothersome ultraviolet rays bothering you (it blocks up to 100% of the light). And, as soon you step back indoors, the lenses automatically shift back to transparency. Its effectiveness isn’t limited to just “being outdoors”. You could easily be inside your car, and the lenses will automatically transition to safeguard you from the sun. How cool is that? Whether you’d like to pick our brains for more information, or if you’d simply like to move ahead with San Francisco transition lenses, go ahead and contact Edward Soss as soon as you can.

Sound good? Now all you have to do is take the first step. All it involves is picking up the phone and calling Edward Soss. Or, if you prefer, sending an e-mail works just as well. Then schedule an appointment for an eye exam and be well on the way to picking up San Francisco transition lenses. Simple, easy. Reach out to us soon.

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