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If you are experiencing trouble seeing, you could have myopia or hyperopia. Both nearsightedness and farsightedness can result in eye strain at varying distances, the effect of your eyes struggling to focus on the objects in front of them. Eye strain can cause frequent headaches, and can become so natural that you may not even notice you are having trouble seeing, as the loss of our sight normally happens very gradually. The best way to know for certain is with regular eye examinations from your More Info at the offices of Dr. Edward Soss, OD.

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Myopia is the scientific term for the optical condition known as nearsightedness. This condition occurs when the eyeball grows too long, or the cornea of your grows with too much curvature. This causes you to be unable to distinguish objects clearly which are more than a few feet away. Many adults will experience fatigue during activities that require seeing at a distance, such as driving, while children will often have trouble seeing the board if they are at the back of the class. Myopia is a hereditary condition, so it is importance to discuss your family’s optical history with the medical staff of your local More Info.

Farsightedness is known by your professional optometrists at your local More Info as hyperopia. This condition occurs when the length of the eye is too short, or the cornea does not have enough curvature to refract the light properly into your eye. This in turn will cause the eye to be unable to distinguish objects properly that are close to your eyes, making it difficult to do many daily tasks such as reading or writing. Many patients who are diagnosed with hyperopia often complain of having especially blurry vision at night. This condition is also hereditary, so it is important to discuss your family history of sight with Dr. Soss and our knowledgeable staff at the offices of Dr. Edward Soss, OD.

If you suffer from either of this complications of the eye, you can receive treatment that is both affordable and professional with Dr. Edward Soss, OD at your local More Info. Dr. Soss has a particular no-nonsense approach to optometry that focuses on practical treatment options that everyone can afford. He understands that many of us have severe cases of optical conditions that can cause lenses to be expensive, and that is why he offers frames at his San Francisco optical store at some of the lowest prices you will ever find, as well affordable examination and appointment options. With Dr. Edward Soss you can achieve clear vision for your whole life, no matter how small your budget.

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