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Having trouble reading? If you’re in your forties, you may be experiencing presbyopia. Presbyopia is not a disease or an infection, it is simply another side-effect of living a long and healthy life. Caused by the stiffening or loss of flexibility in the natural lens of your eye, this vision condition can make it very strenuous for your eyes to focus on nearby objects, such as a book or a magazine. Don’t worry though, a visit to your San Francisco eye doctor, Dr. Edward Soss can diagnose and treat your condition with expert care and friendly ease.

San Francisco Reading Glasses
San Francisco Reading Glasses

Though presbyopia has no preventative measures, as it is simply a natural part of aging, it can be treated effectively with a visit to your San Francisco eye doctor. Presbyopia happens to everyone, even those who already wear prescription lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you are experiencing trouble focusing on nearby objects, you should contact our trained staff at the offices of Dr. Edward Soss, OD as soon as possible for a comprehensive eye examination.

Our team’s dedication to utilizing the best that science and technology has to offer in the treatment of optometry allows us to offer surgical solutions for a variety of optical illnesses and ailments. For those who do not wish to partake in the use of prescription lenses, a variety of surgical options are available and effective in treating presbyopia. One method creates what optometrists call monovision. This surgical procedure involves the use of LASIK to correct each of your eyes for a different purpose. One eye will be corrected to see objects that are near, while the other is strengthened specifically for distance vision. Think of it as bifocals for your eyes. Another method involves the use of the same intraocular lenses that cataract surgeons use to remove and replace a clouded cataract from the eye with a new lens implanted in the eye. Methods of treating presbyopia surgically are constantly being invented and improved upon, such as utilizing lasers to reduce the hardness of the lens and restore flexibility, thereby completely restoring version. Other methods involve replacing the natural lens for a more flexible alternative to the hardened lens of the eye, as well utilizing a laser to create multifocal points on the eye for sight at multiple distances.

Dr. Soss and his extraordinary team strive to provide the best health services possible at their San Francisco eye doctor offices. He has proudly served his community by providing state-of-the-art optical care in a friendly, local office that will treat you just like one of the family. Their wide selection of beautiful frames and affordable options will make it easy for you to find the right reading glasses and corrective lenses to treat your case of presbyopia with ease.

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