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For many, the switch over from conventional glasses to contact lenses has been a life changing experience. Yet the adventure doesn’t stop there. Today, there are more choices in the realm of contact lenses than ever before. There is a contact lens for every person and lifestyle, and most importantly, a solution for almost every vision problem. Our doctors specialize in contact lenses, to provide you with all the information and tools you need to succeed with your personal best type of soft contact lenses.

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Contact lenses are made out of plastic and water. They are the almost invisible solution to vision problems! The water aspect allows oxygen to flow through the contact lens, making them more comfortable, and reduces dry eyes. Soft contact lenses have so many benefits that eyeglasses, and even hard contacts can’t provide. There are many disposable soft contact lens options. With each fresh pair you put in, you reduce your risk of infection. They also require less cleaning effort! Non-disposable contact lenses have their benefits too. You wear the same pair for roughly a year, and carefully clean them daily. They are great because you can choose more custom designed contacts.

It takes skilled opticians like ours to properly examine and fit for contact lenses. As you may suspect, soft contact lenses are more comfortable than rigid contacts. Our¬†doctors always put your health and comfort first. Soft contact lenses also come in many fun, colored varieties. You can get them with a ‘visibility tint’ which are lightly tinted with a color so you can easily find them if you drop one, yet they won’t change your eye color. If you want to have some fun and enhance your natural eye color, ‘enhancement tint’ lenses have a slightly darker tint to bring out your own beautiful eye tone. Then, for the more adventurous type, there are fun ‘color tint’ lenses, that come in a wide variety of colors, and actually change the color of your eyes!

Soft contact lenses are practical, sensible, and fun. They can be easily personalized and designed to fit your own lifestyle and preferences. Our specialists have been providing patients with top quality eye care, and pairing people with the right contacts for years. We invite you to explore this side of vision care by making an appointment! Just call us at 415-742-8434 Рyou will be quickly on your way to a clearer vision, and more personal style.

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