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San Francisco cheap eyeglasses

San Francisco cheap eyeglasses

You can have the best eyeglasses; ones that give you outstanding vision, fit comfortably, and that are stylish and fashionable, all without breaking the bank. With both lenses and frames, we’re pleased to offer our San Francisco cheap eyeglasses that are not made cheaply.

When you come in for an eye examination, which you should do once per year, our optometrist will do a comprehensive checkup that includes testing how well you see at all distances, as well as from side-to-side (peripherally). If you need glasses, Dr. Soss will write out a prescription for you that meets your current vision needs perfectly. Our optical department will put that prescription into a pair of lenses, and then the lenses into the frames of your choice. Your lenses will be representative of whether you need single vision (just one type of correction), bifocal, or multifocal. In addition to that, we’re pleased to offer options such as polarized, non-glare, transitions, and anti-reflection lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are durable and resistant to impact and scratches. High index, super-thin, Trivex, flattop, mirror coating, color tinted, ultra-violet are also part of our impressive collection. We even have progressive lenses to eliminate the unsightly line of bifocal and trifocal lenses. Select from among a huge variety of well known and trusted designers when you get our San Francisco cheap eyeglasses. Just a few of them are Harley Davidson, Oliver & Mac, Perry Ellis, Chloe, Guess, and Gant. Just because our glasses are affordable, does not mean they are any lesser. You are getting the same high quality products, just at a better price.

Now that you know all of the possibilities and options that you can have with our San Francisco cheap eyeglasses, this is the perfect time for you to schedule an appointment for an eye exam at our office.

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