Outer Mission Optometrist

Outer Mission Optometrist

Our Outer Mission optometrist, Dr. Edward Soss, and his team of staff believe that you vision is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted. For that reason, we cannot stress enough the importance of visiting us regularly for comprehensive eye exams. Some of the most common eye conditions and diseases, including some that can lead to complete blindness, develop so gradually that without a professional eye exam you might not realize you have it. This is a serious risk to take, because you could be allowing a disease to advance significantly and putting your vision at serious risk.

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Outer Mission Eye Exams

During every comprehensive eye exam, our Outer Mission optometrist will administer a series of tests in order to check on how your vision is functioning and to uncover any underlying eye conditions or diseases. We would like to give you some brief information about some of the tests so that you have a better idea of what to expect at your next eye exam. A visual acuity test will be administered in order to determine if you need any sort of vision correction. The test involves reading letters from a chart across the room in order to evaluate the strength of your vision. During a refraction test, you will look through a large device that has a number of different lenses so that our Outer Mission optometrist can give you the prescription you need for glasses or contact lenses. Another common exam given during our comprehensive eye exams is the slit-lamp examination. This involves the use of a special microscope that allows our eye care specialists to pick up on any abnormalities that might be occurring within your eyes, including the very back of your eyes. Another common test that we give, usually to our older patients, is a testing of your intraocular pressure. This is given because increased pressure on the optic nerve can be a telltale sign of glaucoma. These are only some of the tests performed during a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Soss. More testing may be necessary based on any symptoms you might be experiencing and/or your medical history.

If you are due for your next eye exam, please do not delay in scheduling one with Dr. Soss at your soonest convenience. You can make your appointment either by calling our Outer Mission optometrist office directly, or you can request your desired date and time online and we will respond to you shortly to confirm. Dr. Soss and the rest of our staff hope to see you soon.

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