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Though it is a key part of maintaining overall health, many people may still forget to take their eyes into account as well. Just as you might schedule regular visits with your dentist to check your teeth for signs of tooth decay or gum disease or visit your general practitioner for an annual physical, it is recommended that you have your eyes checked regularly by an eye doctor as well. Our Ingleside optometrist, Edward Soss, OD can offer you the comprehensive eye exam you need to make sure that your eyes are healthy year to year.

Optometrist in Westwood Park, CA

Optometrist in Westwood Park, CA

Regular eye exams are not just recommended for people who are living with vision impairment or for those who are experiencing eye related symptoms. There are many eye conditions that yield little to no symptoms in their early stages and only appear when the condition has become more advanced when damage has already occurred. Early detection is absolutely important when it comes to treating any eye condition, and our Ingleside optometrist is here to help. In a routine exam with Edward Soss, OD, you will undergo a series of different tests and examinations that will test your eye health and the strength of your vision. First, our optometrist will have you look at a letter chart situated twenty feet away and ask you to read off varying lines of the test. This test will determine whether you have any developing vision impairment, and if any are found then our optometrist will begin another test to see which prescription strength you need. Other health tests include testing your eye’s motor skills by having you follow different objects at different distances or testing how well your eyes work together by covering and uncovering one eye as you focus on an object. They will also examine your eyes closely under a light so that they can examine the whites of your eyes and see how well your pupils react to objects. Additionally, they may apply dilation drops that will widen your pupils, giving your optometrist better view of your retinas. Other tests may be conducted depending on any symptoms you may have.

Regular eye exams are very important, especially when it comes to identifying eye conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy. Our Ingleside optometrist, Edward Soss, OD can help ensure that you get the comprehensive eye exam and eye care that you need to stay healthy.

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