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Your vision is important. Any changes in your visual acuity, no matter how small, can have an effect on your everyday life. If you are living with an inadequate vision prescription or are not wearing vision correction when you should be, then you are most likely suffering from a slew of inconvenient symptoms. Here with our optometrist Edward Soss, OD, you can be sure that your eyes are in good hands, even if you simply need Monterey Heights reading glasses.

Patients of all kinds should make sure that they pay their eye doctor or optometrist a visit. Whenever you are planning your routine exams and annual checkups, it is important that you make sure to include your eye doctor as well. Even if you have no known eye conditions or even if you have perfect vision, it does not mean that you are exempt from ever developing any eye conditions or vision problems. In fact, even adults who have lived most of their life without glasses or contacts find that they need some form of visual assistance once they get older. Typically, as adults age, the cornea begins to weaken and lose its shape. An eye that is capable of perfect vision is perfectly dome shaped but as that dome becomes flatter and loses its elasticity with age, farsightedness can develop. This is often why adults over the age of forty find that they develop the need for reading glasses. Here with our optometrist, Edward Soss, OD, you can make sure that you get the most comprehensive eye exam, the most precise vision prescription as well as the perfect pair of reading glasses that you need in order to see comfortably and clearly again. Monterey Heights reading glasses are a cinch with Edward Soss, OD.

If you notice a change in your vision, or have noticed an increased difficulty in being able to see objects or read things up close, then you may need Monterey Heights reading glasses. A comprehensive eye exam here with our optometrist Edward Soss, OD can provide you with all of the help and care that you need in order to see well again.

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