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Monterey Heights Family Eye Care

During a contact lens exam and fitting with Dr. Edward Soss, you will be asked general questions regarding your lifestyle and habits, all of which will be taken into consideration when Dr. Soss prescribes a specific brand, material, and type of contact lens. Today, most people find the convenience of contact lenses to override the time it takes to clean and disinfect these lenses every night. If you’re considering switching from prescription glasses to contact lenses, you’ll need to visit Dr. Edward Soss, trusted Monterey Heights eye doctor, to have your eyes examined and measured for lenses. Depending on your optical prescription, Dr. Soss may discuss the option of rigid gas permeable lenses, which can benefit individuals with high degrees of astigmatism or irregular corneal conditions, such as keratoconus. At the optometry practice of Dr. Edward Soss, we carry a wide selection of soft contact lenses, available to take home today, including Oasys, Night & Day, Biofinity, Biofinity Toric, Air Optix, CIBA Dailies and FreshLook Colors! If you’re not sure which contact lens brand and type is best for your optical prescription, come speak to Dr. Soss today!

Monterey Heights Contact Lenses

Though there are countless benefits to using contact lenses as your primary vision correction option, contact lenses require constant care and maintenance. Before prescribing you with soft or gas-permeable lenses, Dr. Soss will go over good hygiene practices that will allow you to keep your eyes healthy, safe, and infection-free when wearing contacts all day. Additionally, our Monterey Heights optometrist will go over how to properly insert and remove your lenses so that you don’t scratch the lens, or your cornea in the process.

At night, when you remove your contact lenses, it’s important to first have clean hands, since you will be touching your eye. Once the lens is removed, you’ll have to properly clean and disinfect it to wash away debris, kill germs, and prevent infections. Be sure to store your contact lenses in a saline solution that is appropriate for the type of contact lens you wear. While handling your contact lenses carefully is important, it is equally important to follow the proposed wearing scheduled outlined by Dr. Soss. Be sure to dispose of your contacts after a certain amount of days usage, whether it’s every single night, every two weeks, or every month.

To learn more about contact lens safety and maintenance, schedule a contact lens exam and fitting with Dr. Edward Soss.

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