Merced Heights Optical Store

Merced Heights Optical Store

You rely on your eyes for almost everything you do. So when it comes to caring for them, you can rely on Merced Heights eye expert, Dr. Edward Soss. Our staff of optometrists and opticians are skilled in every aspect of eye care, able to care for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors with their unique eye care needs.

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Monterey Heights Optical Store

If you’re in the market for new eyewear, trust Dr. Edward Soss to find the right pair of frames for your style taste, budget, and optical requirements. Whether you need to fill your prescription for glasses or sunglasses, our free black singles online dating offers the best customer service in all of San Francisco. Picking from our large inventory of frames can be a challenging task, but our eyewear professionals are here to assist you with this decision by offering practical advise and professional fittings. Whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary, professional or funky, colorful or monochrome, we have eyewear that appeals to the masses.

Our main concern at the San Francisco optometry practice of Dr. Edward Soss is for patient care and our staff of opticians and optometrists go to great lengths to achieve that goal. With years of experience, our opticians will sit down with you to review your lifestyle and daily activities so they can recommend eyeglass lenses that work best for your optical needs. We can also suggest specialized tints and coatings, like scratch-resistant coatings and anti-reflection coatings so that your glasses are comfortable, durable, and functional for every moment of your life.

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