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Merced Heights Eye Exam

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Merced Heights Eye Exam

A thorough and proper eye exam with Dr. Edward Soss in Merced Heights consists of tests designed to measure visual acuity and other vision faculties. Your Merced Heights eye doctor will observe the health of the eye and check for common eye diseases during this routine eye health evaluation. Much like any disease or infection, it is best to catch, diagnose and treat eye conditions early on to preserve your vision as you age.

Pediatric eye exams are especially important in the early development years for your children. Strabismus and amblyopia (crossed eye and lazy eye,┬árespectively) can often be diagnosed and treated in early childhood, which can result in avoiding life-long vision impairment. For the first three years, children should have their vision checked as a part of their regular doctor checkups, but if they notice a problem, you should visit a licensed optometrist like Dr. Soss for specialized treatment. Closely monitoring the development of your child’s vision will assist in their learning and development of hand-eye coordination, balance, and fine motor skills.

From ages three to six, eye exams should be schedule every one to two years. But during their childhood and teenage years, eye exams should be scheduled as necessary. Oftentimes a school nurse will detect a vision problem during a standard school vision test. Though vision tests in school are no substitute for proper eye exams with a trained and licensed Merced Heights optometrist like Dr. Soss, they are adequate for detecting nearsightedness and farsightedness in teenagers.

As an adult, you should receive at least one eye exam every two years. As you age and your likelihood of developing an eye disease increases, you should schedule eye exams on a more frequent basis. If your family has a history of eye diseases, you should schedule a regular yearly exam as precaution. To learn more about eye exams and what to expect when you visit Dr. Edward Soss for your yearly eye evaluation, please call our optometric office in San Francisco.

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