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Kids eyewear in Ingleside

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Kids eyewear in Ingleside
Kids eyewear in Ingleside

Being able to see comfortably and clearly is important, especially for individuals who have some kind of vision impairment that prevents them from doing so on their own. Your vision is always subject to change, which is why routine exams and vision screenings are so important, especially for children. If you are in need of any kid’s eyewear and general eye care, our eye doctor Edward Soss, OD can provide you with everything you need. If you need kid’s eyewear in Ingleside, all you have to do is visit our optical store for an exam and to browse our wares.

It is important that kids begin seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis from about the time that they are six months of age or so. A child’s eyes are first examined when they are born. They are thoroughly looked at for any issues or concerns, and to make sure that the eyes developed normally while in in the womb. But kids continue to grow and change, it does not stop once they exit the birth canal. Kids develop at a relatively quick rate throughout the duration of their childhood, which is why annual exams and checkups of all kinds are so heavily stressed. In order to keep up with your child’s vision needs, they should see an eye doctor about once a year or so, especially before school. It is important that a child can see clearly while in the classroom since it will help them perform better. Here with our eye doctor, Edward Soss, OD you can get comprehensive vision exams for your child as well as kid’s eyewear in Ingleside. We have a wide range of styles for you and your child to choose from. Here at our optical store, have cool styles that will help them feel good with how they look in their new frames and we also have lens options that accommodate to a child’s lifestyle.

If you are in need of kid’s eyewear in Ingleside, look no further than our optical store. Come on by and visit Edward Soss, OD for a vision exam today.

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