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Are you tired of squinting against the harsh rays when you step out of the home or your workplace? For many who wear ophthalmic eyeglasses, your frames and lenses alone can come at a great expense, making the ability to afford sunglasses nearly impossible. However, eyes still need to be protected from the sun. Fortunately, today’s latest advances in optical technology have made keeping your eyes safe from the harm of UV exposure more affordable than ever before. To get the best of both worlds from just one pair of eyeglasses, simply visit the experts at your local Ingleside eyeglass store with the welcoming practice of Edward Soss, OD and ask how photochromic lenses can work for you.

Ingleside Optical Goods Store

Ingleside Optical Goods Store

Photochromic lenses allow patients to enjoy the look and benefits of sunglasses when you need the, and regular eyeglasses when you don’t, thanks to advanced optical technology. These unique lenses, which are most commonly known by the brand name Transitions, are revolutionary technology which allows the tint to change to various levels of darkness as it is exposed to UV rays. When the glasses are indoors, they remain perfectly clear for visual clarity. Once exposed to the sun, even on cloudy days, your lenses will shift to just the right shade for perfect optical comfort. All photochromic lenses are made complete with 100% UV protection, so you can rest easy knowing your eyes are always getting the protection they need to be safe from the risk of such destructive optical diseases as cataracts and glaucoma. Photochromic lenses are actually made through the application of a special coating, not a material, and as such can be made by your professional Ingleside eyeglass store from any lens you would prefer to use. From high-index for the treatment of astigmatism, to polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance that will keep eyes safe during work and sports conduct, and even progressive lenses for the treatment of multiple optical illnesses at once can all be made into photochromic lenses. Best of all, photochromic lenses are not at all expensive, and for many can be purchased at just a fraction of the cost of an additional pair of eyeglasses, all for the same level of optical protection.

For photochromic lenses at the best prices, be sure to visit your neighborhood Ingleside eyeglass store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of Edward Soss, OD are dedicated to providing the latest and greatest styles powered by the most advanced optical technology at the lowest prices possible. With the wide selection of photochromic lenses and styles available at the offices of Edward Soss, OD you can find the perfect look you need for optical protection you can count on.

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