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Generally starting to affect people after the age of 40, presbyopia is an eye disease that is similar in some ways to farsightedness, but has different causes. At Edward Soss, OD, it is our goal to help you to see your best throughout your life. And if you do have presbyopia, our Ingleside eye doctors can easily correct any detriment to your vision with a prescription for reading glasses.

Ingleside Designer Eyeglasses
Ingleside Designer Eyeglasses

When you are farsighted, it is due to a change in the curvature of your cornea, where light enters your eye. The result is that light focuses on the back of your retina instead of directly on it. With presbyopia, you also have difficulty focusing on things that are up close, but the cause is a rather simple one and something that none of us can help: aging. As you get older, your eyes lose flexibility. While you may not be sure whether your problems seeing near to you is because of presbyopia or farsightedness, our Ingleside eye doctors will be able to tell the difference after a thorough eye exam.

There are signs that may indicate presbyopia and of which you should be aware. Perhaps the most common and recognizable one is the need to hold books or other reading material far away from your face in order to focus on it. If your vision is blurry at normal reading distance or if you find yourself getting headaches when working on things up close, such as at the computer, then you should call us to schedule an appointment with one of our Ingleside eye doctors.

If a diagnosis of presbyopia is verified, you will be prescribed reading glasses to allow you clearer vision up close. You will soon find that your ability to read and see your computer screen has been significantly enhanced. It is true that nothing can be done to stem the onset of presbyopia, but our Ingleside eye doctors want you to know that there is definitely something that can be done to treat it, simply and effectively.

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