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Are you finding it difficult to transfer from one activity to the next due to difficulties with your vision? Do you constantly suffer from headaches while using your computer for work or play? If your eyes are giving you problems in your daily life, despite the fact that your prescription is not even close to being out of date, the problem could be more than just the strength of your eyeglasses. Visual clarity is about more than just a precisely prescribed lens, the color of your lens can work to help or hinder your vision. To find out how colors and tints of your lens can work in your favor, simply visit your local Sunset District eyeglass store and the welcoming offices of Edward Soss, OD.

Eyeglass Prescriptions 94112

Eyeglass Prescriptions 94112

If you are suffering from low vision problems due to an optical condition caused by onset aging, such as macular degeneration, the right color or tint for your lenses can truly make a world of difference in offering you clearer vision. Certain colors can actually work to allow your eyes to more the world in greater contrast for vision that appears sharper and far less blurred. For many with macular degeneration, lenses that are yellow, brown, or even orange can help provide the greater level of contrast you need to see objects in your path and even help you to navigate steps and street curbs with much greater ease. Yellow lenses can provide greater visual clarity to anyone, such as marksmen at a firing range, and can even be helpful for those of us who spend many long hours working at a compute for work. Brown lenses not only work to improve contrast, but also provide an element of red that works to enhance depth perception, making brown-tinted sun glasses a great choice for sports such as golf, fishing, and other outdoor activities where the proper judgment of distance matters most. Gray lens tints are known as a great all-purpose lens, as the work to reduce optical fatigue that can occur while driving, reduce glare from reflections, and are especially useful in reducing glare from the surface of water, all while offering true color perception. Grey lenses from your Sunset District eyeglass store are perfect for your morning commute, and can make seeing easier when you’re out on the water.

To find the perfect shade for your lens, be sure to visit your neighborhood Sunset District eyeglass store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained opticians at the practice of Edward Soss, OD strive to carry the largest selection of optical wear at the best prices possible. No matter what you need, from Transitions tints that move with your life, to mirrored coatings and even UV protection, you can find the perfect color to improve your vision with Edward Soss, OD.

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