Eye care in San Francisco

Eye Care in San Francisco

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Dry eyes in San Francisco

Dry eyes are a year round concern, but they are become even more pronounced as the weather grows cooler, due to the increased prominence of indoor heating and harsher winds, both of which make the situation worse. At the optical practice of Edward Soss, OD, you can depend on expert diagnosis and treatment with our eye care in San Francisco.

When the symptoms of dry eyes appear, they are typically easy to notice: among them are tired eyes, blurry vision, burning or stinging in the eyes, sensitivity to light, reddening of the eyes, and discomfort when wearing your contacts that did not previously exist. Exposure to smoke is a risk factor, along with wind. What happens is that your eyes stop making sufficient tears to keep properly lubricated. Or the composition of the tears they make is not of the necessary quality. Either way, the result is the same. Our eye care in San Francisco consists of having a complete eye examination and possibly special testing to measure the quantity and quality of your tears. There are two standard ways of dealing with dry eyes, and they are often used in conjunction with each other. First is the use of medicated eye drops called artificial tears. They pick up the slack in terms of required eye lubrication. They are available in either regular or prescription strength, depending on the severity of your dry eyes. Lifestyle adjustments are the second management technique. Consider one or more humidifiers for your home, so that in cooler weather you can maintain a proper level of moisture in the heated indoor air. And wear eyeglasses (or sunglasses) outdoors when it’s windy. Surgery is only an option in recurring cases or if the above methods prove to be ineffective.

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